Should a snack business be registered or not?

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theophielvan-roie 14 May 2015

A snack need to be registered and member of M.R.A? Also do I need 2 pay N.P.F for workers or not.

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gices 18 May 2015

Okay, here goes:

  1. The snack needs to be registered - you will need to go to Companies House to do that
  2. Yes you will need to pay NPF
  3. You will need to be registered with MRA as well
  4. Yes you can cook with the normal gas cylinder

You will find more information on this post.

theophielvan-roie 19 May 2015

thanks you much
but you can tell me also the openings time
and a can cook same as a restaurant
and a restaurant need 2 cook with comerciale gaz

theophielvan-roie 21 May 2015

what is food and non food
carry chicken carry fish beef with chips it can at a snack as well
thy again

theophielvan-roie 02 Aug 2015

i want again 2 akst you the openings time from a snack and what see cann coock thanks