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Unfortunately in Mauritius there are not many part time jobs or flexible jobs and if you manage to get one, you are one of the lucky few. Many countries around the world have many opportunities to work part time but in Mauritius, I haven’t yet come across any.

Avon is an established cosmetics company that has branched into jewellery, lingerie and toiletries; you can buy pretty much anything from the health and beauty category of Avon. In the UK however, Avon is affordable and you can get the basics for under £25; foundation, eyeliner, moisturiser, blusher, eye shadow and mascara. Unfortunately the same thing cannot be said for Mauritius - a small bottle of foundation alone will set you back £20!

Yes Avon in Mauritius is ridiculously overpriced! A bottle of nail polish costs an astonishing £10 when in the UK it’s usually 2 for £5, perfume is £15 in the UK but is sold twice as much in Mauritius. It’s very easy to spend Rs5000 on just the basic make up items from Avon when you live in Mauritius. Considering most people’s wages here, cosmetics are very inflated.

Start up fees

If you decide to become an Avon Ambassadrice, you will need to pay Rs500 upfront. You will then get a small Avon pouch with a few lipstick and perfumes samples to help you get started, plus five brochures. For starting up, this is pretty much it, but you need to be aware that you need to be an active representative. If you are inactive for 3 consecutive months then you will lose your ‘membership’ and will have to re-apply and pay the Rs500 joining fee again.


Now when I spoke to them, all they said was you need to pay Rs500 and you will be up and running. After I paid, I found out about other costs and the things they don’t tell you. * You need to buy the brochures, they are not free but what they don’t tell you is that you need to have spent at least Rs1000 in the last campaign to get it cheaper. It costs Rs150 for 5 brochures but you get one free, but if you are not active one month then you will need to pay the full Rs 300 for a set of 5 brochures the following month.

  • For your very first order, you need to spend at least Rs1000 to be able to get the 25% commission, all orders following the first needs to be at least Rs 800.
  • You only get 25% commission on cosmetics and 15% on accessories; if the order is more that Rs6500, you will get 26% commission on cosmetics.
  • Home delivery is available BUT the order has to be a minimum of Rs2000 even then it is only available the first week of the campaign and the third, plus you need to call to tell them you want it delivered. And by home delivery, I mean the goods are delivered to the ambassadrice address and not the the clients!

You see all of the above was not mentioned when I agreed to becoming an ambassadrice. There are guidelines that are emailed to all representatives for every campaign and I found out then that there were a load of stupid setbacks and costs involved.

Delivering the products to my home was one of the reasons I signed up as it is a little hard for me to get into Port-Louis (where their head office is located) due to other commitments but at the last minute I was told 'you need to call up beforehand' blah blah blah.

When you get Avon orders

You need to have at least Rs1,500 worth of products to send in an order request by fax or internet. If it is less, then you need to go to the distribution office in Port Louis or Curepipe and sit and wait. I went to the Port Louis office to pick up my order but it wasn’t ready! What’s the point in sending in your order beforehand when you don’t even get it when you are supposed to?

I also found that products are often sold out so when you have an order at the last minute before the campaign is finishing you may find that all your products are not available.

There are no terms and conditions to read or anything to sign before opting in as an Ambassadrice, so other than the questions I remembered to ask they don’t tell you everything. I truly believe that I was misinformed as they don’t tell you everything plus you need to sell Rs20,000 worth of Avon to get your pathetic Rs5,000 commission. You need to factor in time spent and travelling into your profit as you may find that you are spending more time on filling out order forms and going back and forth collecting money, picking up orders, then distributing the orders to your clients.

So is it worth it?

Peaches Published 10 May 2012


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Minashou 18 Jun 2012

It's not worth it at all.

I myself became representative for Pastel. When you call them to join them, it seems to be ever so easy. But once you become representative, then you discover the hidden costs for brochure, the time taken for delivery. Actually there, you have a Team leader who delivers. The one I had took a lot of time to deliver the articles. At one point in time I decided to take delivery at the head office...even then despite having sent my order much earlier it was not ready!!!

Moreover, I noticed that the invoice was on my TL's name...not fair since I had to move and pick my stuffs and she got a commission on my sales! Also, when the TL left, another one came to replace her and Madame would not bother to come and deliver orders below Rs 1500. I used to get small orders below that amount. In the end I decided to stop it.

And I am not the only one. Other people complained a lot and some even stopped with time like me.

So based on my experience, I would say a big NO!!!

Peaches 18 Jun 2012

It's such a shame Mauritius does not have anyone who you can report this to, in the UK this would never be allowed to happen. Avon and Pastel are like pyramid selling frauds.

Thank you for sharing your views on Pastel, I have never even heard of them until now.

Sweetgirl12 23 Jun 2012

I would like to add something -

I am so sorry for both of you who have had bad experiences !!! I have been a Pastel Consultant since Dec 2010 and I have been recruited by a Team Leader. My Team Leader delivers to me above Rs 1500 (sure- but we also need to understand that below that amount, it is a waste of their Petrol allowance)- My Team Leader takes care of my orders, deliveries and we even get 14 days credit to pay- We get 20-25% commissions plus GIFTS every months /every 3 months and every 6 months - without investing anything. I was in financial difficulties and this extra commissions has helped me and my family- I have been able to pay my brothers exam fees with this - I will not agree that they are pyramid selling frauds - In fact they are giving youngsters like us a chance to earn money the right way. I dont know about AVON but with Pastel, I get my FREE CATALOGUE every month PLUS I am invited to a launch with refreshments and gifts every month!!!

Everybody deserve a second chance - Maybe call at the office to complain -they will assign you to someone else---maybe my Team Leader :)

Pastel Cosmetics is the OFFICIAL MAKE UP OF MISS MAURITIUS 2012 and I am proud to sell PASTEL!!!!

Peaches 25 Jun 2012

You seem to be lucky then I guess but I still don't understand how you can make so much money with them as I said above you need to sell at least Rs20,000 worth of products to get a mere Rs5,000 in commission.

I also don't understand why they don't have a website?

Sweetgirl12 26 Jun 2012

I recruited 6 Hostesses who also sell with me - they get their hostess gifts and i get the commissions overall- it is very interesting.

i heard that they are building their website - i am eager to see that too..

Youyou 26 Dec 2012

Hello everyone here. I agree with the people above complaining about Avon. Yes. Avon in Mauritius is ridiculously expensive. I will tell you, I have bought many Avon products in Mauritius. But since 3 years I have stopped. Too much expensive comparing to UK.
I tell you something...I have my friends in UK. I order what I want (I look up for the products on Avon's website in UK). Then I order them from my friend who in turn order it from her representative. She sends it to me by post.
I transfer the amount to her bank account and she in turns does the same to the representative.
The amount I would have paid in Mauritius (and many products you do not get here!!!), I get twice from UK + the delivery costs.
Now you may tell me that I am paying a price for delivery...believe is worth it. As you get you products neatly. Easy.

Have you heard of Frederic M. Their products are so so so God. and the size of the products are so small...
Even there you have to buy your catalogue...It's funny how people want to do part time ob..but are required to 'invest'. Here it is Rs 800....

Peaches 26 Dec 2012

I agree with you, buying from the UK is easier and cheaper IF you have someone who can send it for you, not everyone is as lucky! I used to think it was Rip Off Britain but now its more like Rip Off Mauritius. Source your products from outside if you can, you'll save loads.

anonymous_4 22 Sep 2013

i agree frederic m products are expensive , but the quality i must say is wonderful, and like i read above with avon you got to have command for 1500 to be able to send request, with frederic m , this is different , u can go zer and requset for one product, delivery and time taken to receive your command is quick , request command today got it tomorow itself , else request in the morning and get it later

nailahnadiia 30 Oct 2013

yes i agree wiz u,,, their conditions r worthless,,, u no for campaign 11 and campaign 12,,the ambassadrice should give an order of Rs 15900 then they will get an useless gift,,, am sure the is about Rs 150... It discourage us,,,hav a look or yves rocher or pastel,,, if u work Rs 2000 - Rs 3000 u get a gift,,, if u wrk Rs 3500- Rs 5000 etc u get more gift... zats encourage ambassadrice,,, and u no,,,about avon these jewelleries they expose they get it free by buying products of avon,,, but here they sell it,,, In england when clients buy a perfum they get this type of jewellery.... Its not gud at all,,, i really dont satisfy abt their services.... n moreover it is more expensive,,, client don't want 2 buy,,,

Ree 16 Apr 2016

can anyOne plzz tel me about pastel jobs? and yve rocher

Ree 11 Apr 2016

Im searching for yve rocher jobs

tans 04 Feb 2016

I good day everyone, i fully agreed with Minousha comments on Pastel,
really its not worth working over there.

zot prand dimoune pu travay apres nec zot met dehors sans raison.
their service is not good at all