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Is it possible to become secondary school teacher if i have only 4 credits for SC?

wawa0000 26 Feb 2016

I have 4credits at SC in english,french,sociology and Principles of Accounting. HSC Alevel i have 3B's in Business studies,sociology and French and B in General paper. I am currently studying a Marketing degree at CTI. I would like to know if ever there were people who got teaching jobs with only 4 credits or if i have a chance to get a teaching job in the future

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RoseOfUniverse 23 Aug 2016

Well, it is possible(if you got some close contact with someone in the government sector :P) .However, many teachers are struggling to get a job which means that employers will have the tendency to choose someone with the best grade/education/certificate + years of experiences in that field (or related field). My opinion is that it will be very difficult for you to get a job as a teacher ( unless you get a first class honour degree for your course then it might increase your chance of getting that job.)