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What are the prices for Cloud Services in Mauritius?

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Khush_Mendossa 23 May 2014

Need to know if it is financially feasible for a small company to adopt Cloud.


gices 24 May 2014

You can get Cloud Hosting for Rs2,400 per year at Fody Technologies. However this is a shared server and resources will be distributed amongst all websites which are hosted on that server.

People generally opt for cloud computing when they really need 100% uptime and usually they have high traffic sites and do not want to lose visitors or annoy them with downtime. An example of a basic plan for a dedicated cloud hosting will be around Rs21,000 a year (Rs1750/month) and that gives you around 50Gb disk space, 2Gb RAM and 5000Gb for bandwidth.

I used to have a site with 100,000 visitors a month on shared hosting before I moved it to a VPS, so for a small company, I would stick with a shared plan to keep costs down if visitors' number are low.

PS : How are things going on? Exams done?

Khush_Mendossa 05 Jun 2014

Thx Gices.
Exams going on! Studying 2 fields is more time consuming than I imagined lol.